Greg Wandrey, Ph.D.

Director, Stewardship and Compliance, DuPont Pioneer

My love for agriculture started as a young boy growing up on a hog, cattle and crop farm in eastern Iowa.  I started my career in the seed business after finishing my Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Minnesota. I received both my bachelor’s degree in agronomy and master’s degree in plant breeding from Iowa State University.

At DuPont Pioneer, we define stewardship as the responsible management of products, traits and technologies throughout their lifecycles. That is my focus every day. Good stewardship benefits our farmer customers, stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

I enjoy the seed business because I know what we are doing helps farmers around the world produce a more bountiful, nutritious and sustainable crop that feeds and fuels a global community.

Greg Wandrey is no longer the Director of Stewardship and Compliance at DuPont Pioneer. Answers from Greg Wandrey were provided in this former capacity.

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Posted On: Monday, 8/05/2013 11:32 pm
A: There have been a lot of questions posted to this site about the number of countries that ban GM crops.  In fact, the number of countries that don’t allow the cultivation of biotech crops is small. In many cases, the country simply lacks a regulatory framework and the means to develop and implement one. In 2012, GM crops were approved for farmers to cultivate in 28 countries, but a total of 74 countries have approved either the cultivation of, or import of food and feed from, GM crops.... Continue Reading
Posted On: Wednesday, 7/31/2013 11:34 am
A: DuPont Pioneer requires farmers purchasing seed (biotech or not) to sign a Technology Use Agreement (TUA), not unlike an agreement that one would sign off on when purchasing new software. The TUA communicates what a grower customer can and cannot do with the seed. The TUA also communicates the need and expectation that the grower will follow certain stewardship guidelines (e.g., planting a refuge for Bt seed). The agreement does allow farmers to make agronomic comparisons and conduct yield... Continue Reading
Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 11:47 am
A: This is a question that we've seen several times on GMO Answers, and a misperception that we’d very much like to correct. None of our companies has sued a farmer because of the inadvertent presence of patented biotech traits in the farmer's field. We respect a farmer’s right to choose the best seed for him or her. In fact, our company is a supplier of non-biotech seed. Our agronomy and sales teams work with farmer customers to match the right seed—whether that's biotech or not—... Continue Reading
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