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Fourat Janabi


Fourat Janabi is a photographer, blogger, and author of Random Rationality and S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism. He lives for the moment in Italy where, unfortunately, GMOs are not approved for sale, and travels around the world to explore its myriad possibilities and limitless beauty. He claims no other title other than that of self-educated layman.

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Random Thoughts on Biotech

By Fourat Janabi (Independent Expert) on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 21:21

Whatever your impression of genetically modified organisms may be, if we do not ground the discussion in the strictest of facts, we stand to lose very much. GMOs might not solve everything, but to not use every means at our disposal to combat climate change, food-security (and by extension, poverty), water use, and shelf-life for ideological reasons is inviting fragility and vulnerability to an increasingly complicated, inter-connected world.
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