Aimee Hood

Regulatory Communications and Information Management Lead, Monsanto Company

Aimee Hood earned a degree in Biochemical Engineering and has held a variety of roles in technology, manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory since joining Monsanto in 1995.

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Posted On: Thursday, 8/01/2013 1:48 pm
A: Let me start by saying that I am proud to work for Monsanto and am glad to address each of the issues in your question.  Labeling—First of all, we are supportive of any voluntary labeling mechanism (e.g., organic or GMO-free) that is desired by consumers. Any company is free to make claims—if truthful and not misleading—that its products are free of GMOs.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy is that labeling is required if there is a meaningful difference between a GM food... Continue Reading
Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 6:49 pm
A: All of us at Monsanto are very active and proud in supporting the communities where we operate and where our farmer customers live. In 2012, Monsanto Company and Monsanto Fund―our philanthropic arm―collectively provided more than $32.2 million across the globe. Additionally, more than 4,600 employees logged more than 54,000 volunteer hours in the Americas alone.Following are a few additional details and examples of our efforts: Monsanto Fund is focused on one goal: strengthening farming... Continue Reading


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