Adrianne Massey, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Science and Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

I began my professional career as a Biological Sciences faculty member at N.C. State and then joined the N.C. Biotechnology Center where I led the Center’s education, work force training and public outreach programs. A theme that runs through all of my work is a desire to share the awe and respect I have for the workings of the natural world with those who have not been fortunate enough to get to spend years immersed in studying biology. So, in addition to my “real” jobs, I have co-authored of three textbooks on biotechnology; served as the Science Advisor for the weekly PBS series, BREAKTHROUGH! Television’s Journal of Science and Medicine; and developed interactive exhibits on biology for science and technology museums.

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Posted On: Wednesday, 7/31/2013 1:04 pm
A: It’s good to see that you know GMOs are subjected to government review, because some people believe there is no regulatory oversight of these crops. I am not sure how the rumor got started that government oversight for GMOs is lax or nonexistent, because nothing could be further from the truth. These crops are subjected to more testing than any other new crop variety, and, as a result, we know more about this set of crops than any of the other crops that plant breeders have developed (and... Continue Reading
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