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Arthur Caplan, Ph.D.

Drs. William F and Virginia Connolly Mitty Professor and Founding Head of the Division of Bioethics at New York Langone Medical Center

Arthur Leonard Caplan is currently the Drs. William F and Virginia Connolly Mitty Professor and founding head of the Division of Bioethics at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City.

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Posted On: Monday, 8/05/2013 11:00 pm
A: Humans do many things better than nature. Human medicine attacks huge numbers of naturally existing microbes, insects, worms and pets that kill and maim us and our plants and animals. Nature is not always wise--the world can be a very nasty environment for our children and us. If we are going to live on the planet we will have to intervene and alter it to some extent to survive. Still it is true that in trying to alter nature one of the biggest threats is the unexpected spread of an... Continue Reading
Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 4:41 pm
A: Messing with nature is a very bad idea. Intervening in an intelligent, tested and proven way as we do with vaccines, medicines, controlled burns, creating natural parks, domesticating animals and creating new species of fruits and vegetables is what is required. Critics of GMO sometimes say we should not “play God”. But it is not the God part of the objection that worries me. We are not close to being smart enough or creative enough or even peaceful enough to engage that role. What we cannot... Continue Reading
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Dr. Peter H. Raven

President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden

Peter H. Raven is one of the world's leading botanists and advocates of conservation and biodiversity.

For four decades, he headed the Missouri Botanical Garden, an institution he nurtured into a world-class center for botanical research and education, and horticultural display. He retired as president in 2010 and assumed the role of president emeritus and consultant through 2014.

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Does the use of transgenic plants diminish or promote biodiversity?

By Dr. Peter H. Raven (Independent Expert) on Friday, August 1, 2014 - 11:46

In this article, Peter Raven explains the relationship between genetically modified crops and biodiversity, including gene flow, effects on non-target species and emerging resistant weeds.
  • Impact on Environment
  • Science and GMO Basics
  • Government Oversight and Product Approvals

Dennis Gray

Professor of Developmental Biology, University of Florida

Dennis Gray is a Professor of Developmental Biology at the University of Florida/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC), where he conducts research designed to facilitate the genetic improvement of grapevine. Dr. Gray founded and directs the Grape

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Posted On: Saturday, 7/12/2014 8:10 pm
A: I agree that it has essentially has been a lapse on scientists’ part not to express this “truth” whenever appropriate. I believe that allowing the definition of “GMO” to be limited to the use of modern scientific technologies has, over time, caused its placement within the context of genetic improvement to be lost. Especially for non-specialists, there seems to be a tendency to not understand that all foodstuff contain DNA and with no to few exceptions, were and are deliberately modified by... Continue Reading
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