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Why do you spend literally millions of dollars to fight against literally every single state that tries to simply have gmos labeled? They aren't trying to ban your product they simply want to know what is and what isn't, are you afraid you'll lose profits if people could actually make decisions on their own or are you much happier with conning the consumer?

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One passage from the responses above reads: “We oppose mandatory labeling of GMO food because we believe such a label would convey to consumers that food made from farmers’ crops grown with our seeds is less safe or nutritious or different from conventional or organic food. A recent study conducted by an MIT professor indicated that this indeed would be the case (See Policy and Inference: The Case of Product Labeling).”


We support a consumer’s right to know about the food that they are choosing, but in the absence of any food safety concern, and as believers in GM technology who have seen its benefits accrue to farmers and communities around the world (Check out GMOs and the Future of Agriculture), we believe claims regarding the presence or absence of GMO ingredients are best left to voluntary, market-based labels that traditionally are used by competitors to promote one type of product over another.”


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