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What do you think about the recent studies linking glyphosate to breast cancer?

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An excerpt from John’s response reads:

“First, it is very important to clear something up. This study was performed in a laboratory setting with cells. The cells are immortal T47D breast cancer cells derived from an infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast. Therefore, this study was performed ON already cancerous cells and DID NOT cause breast cancer. The results in no way implicate glyphosate as inducing human breast cancer.


Counter to the findings in this one study, glyphosate does not have estrogenic activity. In fact, the results of this study contradict what is widely established about glyphosate; that it is not an endocrine active compound, an estrogen receptor agonist, or carcinogenic. Glyphosate was recently screened in the EPAs Tier 1 screening battery under the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program and based on the results of the validated EDSP Tier 1 assays; glyphosate did not have estrogenic activity. Additionally, numerous studies in the literature clearly demonstrate that glyphosate is NOT an estrogen receptor agonist. Williams et al (2012)., performed an analysis of the available literature to assess the developmental and reproductive safety of glyphosate and concluded “the literature shows no solid evidence linking glyphosate exposure to adverse developmental or reproductive effects at environmentally realistic exposure concentrations.” This includes several studies showing that “glyphosate did not demonstrate estrogenic activity.""

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