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If as you and your ilk say GMO's are safe. If this is so why don't you want mandated labeling? What are you hiding? Many studies, none of which where paid by you or your ilk, have shown many many problems with GMO products. Many nations around the globe either completely ban GMO products or mandate labeling the growing resistance to these products is growing here in the US and will continue the fight for mandating labeling of all GMO products. Get with the program and start labeling so the consumer can vote with their wallets or is that why you are against said labeling?

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We recently posted some information from experts about labeling and why GM products are not currently labeled. You can find that information here:



Below are excerpts from the experts' posts:


"[Q]uestions about labeling are great questions. We are often accused of being against labeling. We are not. We want consumers to know about GMOs and support the right of consumers to choose food that is healthy and nutritious. What we cannot support is a label that conveys to consumers that foods made from the farmers’ crops grown with our seeds are less safe or less nutritious than or somehow different from conventional or organic food. We believe a government requirement to label GM food would do just this. Hundreds of independent studies have confirmed the safety of GMOs (available here), and regulatory authorities around the world agree.”


“When it comes to hiding, it's actually quite the opposite. There's no need to label a product when there's nothing to hide or define as different—in other words, no scientific justification to provide a label for GMOs."


Here's more information on the topic.


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