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Why do you believe that GMO labeling would label your foods as bad? Organic foods are labeled, and there is not a bad view of those. I understand that studies show that labeling your food would be bad, but is that because GMOs ARE bad, or because there's just a bad reputation? Maybe it is just a bad rep - for now - but WHY is there the bad rep? We already know you don't believe that it's required to be 100% safe.

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Please review the following response which explores the difference between voluntary and mandatory labeling:


One passage addressing your question states:


“As believers in GM technology, and having seen the benefits nurture farmers and society alike (Check out GMOs and the Future of Agriculture).  The harm comes from a label that conveys to consumers that food made from farmers’ crops grown with our seeds is somehow less safe or nutritious or somehow different from conventional or organic food.  This is simply not the case. We believe a government requirement to label a food ‘GMO’ would do just this, and a recent study conducted by an MIT professor supports this view [See Policy and Inference: The Case of Product Labeling].”

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