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Is it not true that the "Roundup Ready" products/plants made by Monsanto (a sponsor of this site) are the only agricultural (plant) product that will survive when sprayed with Roundup? Given that Roundup is an extremely toxic (strong) product, could it not be surmised that those sprayed products, when eaten by humans, could be somewhat toxic to the human body? Also, seed-saving is economically vital to many farmers and urban-growers from year to year. Does Monsanto not fine and/or prosecute anyone who saves the seed for the next year? Is it not in Monsanto's extensive contract that they demand that all growers sign, that all seed be destroyed after harvest? Why is this so? Those of us who are informed know that if one saves a seed from a hybrid plant, (not open-pollinated), the next year's crop will most likely be a different form from the original plant. Could this be why you support GMO plants, so that you can keep making a profit from year to year on sales? I'd like to believe that this forum is a true attempt at telling the truth; please don't prove me wrong...

Thank you for your question. One of our experts will get back to you soon.

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