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How much money has Monsanto given to government entities in order to make sure the food you create in a lab is sold to the public without question?

A:Expert Answer

Monsanto does not give any money to government entities in order to secure approvals.  Monsanto follows the regulatory requirements of each country and deploys a strict program to assure against corruption in the actions of our own employees, as well as in the actions of third parties who perform or engage on our behalf. 


All of the people working at or on behalf of Monsanto have a responsibility to act with integrity—and not just in certain situations, or when someone is looking. Every action we take must be lawful and ethical. 


We have a thorough and very well-defined Code of Business Conduct that explains the behaviors expected of us and reinforces our shared values through practical examples. 

In addition, we have a policy against government corruption and bribery that applies not only to employees but also to third parties who perform on our behalf. (View our Anti-Corruption Policy.)

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