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How can we trust a company like Monsanto when it has a history of creating toxic chemicals that have harmed people and the environement like Agent Organge and PCB's. At one time they also claimed these chemicals safe. There is not enough testing on GMO products and we know pesticides, herbicides, and funcides are harming the environement. The President's Cancer Panel clearly states this in their 2008-2009 report and links these chemicals with many cancers. In essence we have the cure for cancer...eliminate these toxins from our air, soil, and water. Here is a recent article in Reuters linking Parkinsons to pesticides.

A:Expert Answer

I guess the simplest answer is: our companies realize that corporations must earn your trust—and the only way we can do that is through making good on our commitments and our actions.  It’s one of the main reasons why all of our companies are engaging in this initiative and willing to answer the questions that people ask on the site.

With respect to Monsanto, I’d say we are not same company that we were even 15 years ago. We’ve significantly changed the focus of our business (now 100 percent focused on agriculture) and the products we sell.  I’d ask you to visit our website and look at our Pledge and at our 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report to better understand who we are and what we are focused on as a business each and every day.        

With respect to your comment about the products of the former Monsanto Company, I’d direct you to our corporate website:  And if you have further questions about these products, you can send us an email through our site.  

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