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As a facebook user,anti-gmo groups & info are all over the place. I tried to find a pro-gmo group to "like" & cannot find one. Fortunately, I understand the need for gmo's but so many people are full of anxiety, worry, & concern. The common person needs to be educated not only on gmos but what exactly is in the "natural" & "organic" foods that they promote. How come I have to search for pro-gmo info but anti-gmo false info is abundant even when not looking for it?

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Since Facebook pages are started by organizations based on their own agenda or by people based on a personal passion, it shouldn’t be surprising that agriculture and segments of agriculture seem outnumbered there. Remember, farmers are less than 2 percent of the general public. At the same time, there are some great pages that support agriculture in general and GMOs specifically. Here are some of my favorite ones that speak to GMOs/biotech crops:


More Pages/Groups That Support GMOs/Biotech:


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