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Aloha, I am writing about pesticide/herbicide use with GMO crops specifically GMO corn and Soy parent crops grown here in Hawaii. 1. Have there been studies to show that buffer zones keep pesticides/herbicides out of public spaces like homes, water ways etc. and if so how large does the buffer zone need to be? 2. Atrazine has been shown to cause several health problems including miscarriage, irregular bleeding, premature birth, babies with IUGR and SGA. Several University studies have been done showing strong correlation/ causation. My question is if it was pulled from EU markets for being unsafe why is it still allowed to be used in the US and especially here in Hawaii where we are one big water shed? 3. Is there a "safe" limit of exposure to Atrazine and Glyphosphate in humans and if so how is it studied and measured? Thank you for your time

Thank you for your question. One of our experts will get back to you soon.

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