Ask Us Anything About GMOs!

First, how do you respond to the recent study showing leaky gut and other health conditions in pigs over a 22.7 week period (the average length of time spent at a U.S. Piggery)? Please feel free to read through the study material here: Second, what evidence can you provide to counter the information showing an increase in a variety of gastrointestinal diseases coinciding perfectly with the introduction of GM foods in the mid-90s? Finally, is it not factual that what Monsanto and other biotech companies call an increase in crop yield is actually due to other factors, such as replacing diverse fields (full of many different crops) entirely with cotton or wheat and then stating how many more kilos of cotton or wheat are being produced? Is it not common sense that if you plant more your yield will be more? Respectively, how do you feel that places like India are showing that organic gardening produces far more output per square foot than genetically modified crops?

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